London Design Festival
I went to this year's London Design Festival and have since been producing various reports for a few different sites and magazines. When they go live I'll repost them into colorspot incase anybody is interested in taking a read. Otherwise, I thought for the time being I would publish a few pictures from my travels. I'll update this posting in a few days with a little more information about the images but in the meantime feel free to take them as inspiration. 
It was an interesting event though with the standouts in terms of colour being NCS S 1080-Y90R and NCS S 2060-R90B. Nice bright, optimistic colours to cheer everyone from the stench of financial woe. There was also a personal highlight in being one of the few lucky people (not playing in the chess tournament) to get up close and personal with Jaime Hayon's incredible Tournament installation in Trafalgar Square. Quite possibly the highlight of the exhibition and one whic took place on my very first morning on the road. I could have happily gone home there and then, fully satiated. 
So, for now, pictures. 

Comments (0) R Prime  2009/10/05 - 15:15

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